Monday, April 28, 2003

My name is Pete Lyons and I’m a software developer. My current employer is IBM but this log isn’t about that. I’ve been writing software professionally since 1984. I spent a lot of time as a ‘UI guy’ but I now find myself parsing protocols and working on transactional backend system more. I intend this log to deal with thoughts and ideas about software development that I don’t see other places. I hope this won’t become a nepotistic link fest like so many web logs I’ve seen. But then again, I’m not a writer so lack of things to say or the time to write the content could lead to that. Let’s hope not.

My favorite technical topics to read about are Java programming, Scripting Languages (especially Ruby), and Patterns. My favorite non-technical topics include off-beat movies, books, dogs, food, spirits (the kind you drink), current events and football (the American kind). Whether this log has anything to do with these things, time will tell.

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