Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Management and Leadership quotes

"Leaders have a goal of creating an innovative environment that will of necessity produce mistakes, and managers have a goal of honing their craft to reduce and eliminate mistakes and waste."

From: Balance of Power; James Lucas; 1998 Amacom

"There is an overlap of management and leadership. Clearly, not every manager is a leader, nor is every leader a manager."

From: A Survival Guide for Project Managers; James Taylor; 1998 Amacom

"Leaders are better understood as a quantum phenomenon, while managers are well described through the classical physics lens."

From: The 9 Natural Laws of Leadership; Warren Blank; 1995 Amacom

"The transformational leader empowers others and keeps them focused."

From: Fusion Leadership; Richard Daft; 1998 Berrett-Koehler Publishers

"Managing and leading are not the same."

From: Team-Based Project Management; James Lewis; 1998 Amacom

"Management can never lead to passion."

From: The Passionate Organization; James Lucas; 1999 Amacom

"Leadership has been characterized as doing the right things; management as doing things right. Both are important."

From: Sales, Marketing, and Continuous Improvement; Daniel Stowell; 1997 Jossey-Bass

"The less managing someone does, the better off the company."

From: Jack Welch and the GE Way; Robert Slater; 1999 McGraw Hill Professional Book Group

"Leaders and leadership teams working together in a proper design will run the business more effectively than by hierarchical, command-and-control managing."

From: The Will to Lead; Marvin Bower; 1997 Harvard Business School Press

From: MeanBusiness
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