Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Comic Code

Geez, is it just too much to ask a cartoonist to include properly formed code statements in their work?

Actually I'm pretty psyched about the release of Half-Life 2 too, though I may be in a similar boat to Jason. I doubt my 2 year old 2Ghz machine with 512 MB will do it justice. I was reading a preview review of it in PC Gamer and they lauded it:

It’s not just a videogame, it's not just a shooter - Half-Life 2 is history in the making. It raises the bar for interactive entertainment, and then uses that bar to club all other games into submission....While some games have eye-dropping visuals, or amazing gameplay, or maybe a cinematic story with good voice-acting, not one has ever delivered the complete package. Half-Life 2 nails it.

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