Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

As always, this year I'm thankful for my wife Jayne, my dog Cori and all my good friends. Other things I'm thankful for the year in no particular order:

  • The Red Sox: A great season, an ALCS series against the Yankees that will go down in history and the World Series. What more could a fan ask for.
  • Dr. Atkins: Anyone who comes up with a diet that lets you eat steak, cheese and bacon and still loose weight is a genius.
  • My iPod: Still loving my iPod.
  • Dan Brown, Alastair Reynolds, John Gardner, Yann Martel and the other authors who have entertained me this year.
  • Westford 6: Without it I would have lost my sanity.

Have a great Holiday everyone.
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