Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Good Ole Days of Iris

Damien Katz's recent post about his experiences at Iris has made me nostalgic. Iris was truly a remarkable place to work. A lot has been said about the development staff at Iris, and there certainly was some brilliant folks there, but what really differentiated the place was all the other people. Everyone, from management to the guys in the mail room worked their asses off to make sure development had the resources and the time to do a great job. If you had a problem with your paycheck or some health benefits, the HR and accounting staff would quickly solve the problem with a smile. If there was a network or phone issue, the folks from network administration would jump to fix it. I've never seen more laser focused and broad based support for the goals of an organization. The work was hard and much of the code rather crufty from age, but no one every grumbled about the long hours and weekends. Iris worked hard for you so you worked hard for Iris.

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