Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Introducing Jadmin

Rather than just create a post about how I use Java to script WebSphere and Workplace, as I mentioned I would Tuesday, I decided to package up the source code and document it on my software page. Here it is - Jadmin.

If you're like me and need to administer the components of IBM Workplace and or WebSphere but don't enjoy working with TCL, the default scripting language, then perhaps you will find this foundation for building Java based Workplace and Websphere utilities helpful. Jadmin provides a simple mechanism for writing and invoking WebSphere and Workplace MBeans in Java.

The secret to Jadmin simplicity is that it uses Java interface proxies to map standard Java calls to the less direct MBean calls. Rather than being required to call the .invoke() method of the MBean and supply a method name and array of parameters, with Jadmin you work with a Java interface that reflects the MBean.

Jadmin 1.0 only provides direct support for the Workplace MailService MBean but can easily be extended to work with other MBeans. If you have an MBean you think should also be included please let me know and I can add the interface to the distribution. But remember the intention of Jadmin is to provide a foundation for creating custom administration scripts not to provide an extensive set of pre-built scripts

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