Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Joy of Painting

I was stuck home this morning waiting for an oil furnace repair man to restore heat to my house. As I passed some time channel surfing I stumbled past a re-run of the old PBS series Joy of Painting hosted by the ever mellow Bob Ross. I had forgotten just how relaxing this show could be with all its happy trees and happy clouds. The paintings all look like bad motel art, but that didn't matter; It was just fun to watch Bob create.

Even though Bob passed away many years ago, I figured he must have some web presence and sure enough he does. You can buy his art instructional videos at as well as other on-line art stores, you can read a pretty harsh critique of his paintings here and you can see people debate when and if his show, Joy of Painting, ever 'Jumped the Shark' here - I hate that expression.

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