Friday, February 11, 2005

Blister Proof Shoes and Other Ramblings

Why are these shoes blister proof? Because they're made of mole skin!

Sorry, that was a bad joke.

The real point of this post is just to point out a couple of blogs I recently found. One is called Luxist and it reports on extreme luxury items. I found Luxist while looking for information on the new smaller siblings to the monster International CXT truck, the RXT and MXT. I didn't learn much about the new truck models but I did get to see pictures of Aston Kutcher's CXT, complete with dumping kit.

The second blog is one called near near future (at and it's focus appears to be art and design. This is where I found the cool mole shoes. Also of interest here was a post about i-Mature, a security company developing age identifying biometric technology.

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