Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Freedom to Drink

As someone who enjoys beer, wine and spirits, the following report from the Center for Consumer Freedom documenting the activities of the neo-prohibitionary group The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is quite disturbing.

America's anti-alcohol movement is composed of dozens of
overlapping community groups, research institutions, and advocacy
organizations, but they are brought together and given
direction by one entity: the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
(RWJF). Based in Princeton, New Jersey, the RWJF has spent
more than $265 million between 1997 and 2002 to tax, vilify,
and restrict access to alcoholic beverages. Nearly every study
disparaging alcohol in the mass media, every legislative push to
limit marketing or increase taxes, and every supposedly 'grassroots'
anti-alcohol movement was conceived and coordinated at
the RWJF's headquarters. Thanks to this one foundation, the
U.S. anti-alcohol movement speaks with one voice.

I don't know much about either group, but the assertions made against the neo-prohibitionists do match my own observations of a slow but steady reduction of freedoms regarding alcohol consumption. I wont argue against the merit of some of these restrictions, but I do worry about a continuing effort to push the boundary past what I see a reasonable compromise between safety and freedom.

Full Report

Via The Center For Consumer Freedom

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