Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Slashdot on IBM

I swear this post about IBM on Slashdot wasn't written by me or anyone I know (at least who will admit it), but If I ever do meet the person who wrote it, I will shake their hand.

My spouse just left IBM global services. They've laid off so many people and had talented people opt to leave the company, that the folks who are left are *way* overutilized. Before she left, my partner was pulling 60 hour work weeks as the norm, while 70-80 were frequent. The endless round of meetings was taking it's toll since the folks who've been spared the ax aren't the doers. They're terrified to make a decision so they just waste time twirling and having meetings about the same issues over and over. They appear to be under the illusion they can keep doing the same old "nothing" every day and wake up one morning and somehow the work will magically have gotten done.

There may have been some dead wood in the company that needed to be culled, but quite a lot of those people are brown nosers who have figured out how to misrepresent their skills to managers who have no technical experience. Laying off massive amounts of people, hoping to cull these folks is like playing a shell game. It ain't working. It's demoralizing the employees that are left and the people with real talent are jumping ship...fed up with over work, pathetic management, endless meetings, and not enough talent left to actually implement designs.

So...if that's the results of appeasing stock holders here in the states, why in the world would you want to do the same thing in Europe? Yeah, there's a lot of peple just getting by; never really doing anything. But if management is not competent to figure that out and the en masse layoffs to get rid of them are failing and demoralizing...then you're possibly causing more harm than good by doing it.

IBM is too full of processes, too top heavy (duh as if y'all didn't know that already), and people are constanty job hopping in the company every year or two (or being restructured) with the result that no one know how the hell to do their job.

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