Monday, June 06, 2005

Spanish Help

I received a blog comment this morning in reference to a post I wrote on November 03 2003, concerning my dislike of certain web layout styles. My problem is that the comment was in Spanish and neither BabelFish nor Google Language tools are offering much help with a translation. The original response is:

pero como se puede ser tan bocas, el rey del blog, anda
chaval vete a tu casa y antes de hablar informate un poquito. Con gente
como tu no hacen falta mas humanos, bueno en tuccaso si , para meterte
con ellos.
Saludos Gañan.

The Google translation is:

but as it is possible so to be mouths, the king of blog, walks chaval vetoes to your house and before speaking informate just a little bit. With human people as your they do not make lack but, good in tuccaso if, for meterte with them. Gañan greetings.

If I had to guess from the text above I wouldn't say the person was congratulating me on a fine post. But then again, this could be nonesense in Spanish too. If anyone can help with the translation I would appreciate it.

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