Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Suicide Prevention Help

One thing I've learned from my involvement with the suicide prevention organization See A New Sun is that no matter how much you want to help people there will be some set of people who object to how you want to do it. Take for example Massachusetts budget items 4590-0250 and 7010-0005. These items seek to provide funding for the Safe Schools programs that work to provide a safe environment for Gay and Lesbian students in our schools. Tied into this program is funding for suicide prevention that seeks to help Gay and Lesbian students during an often difficult point in the lives. Rather than supporting the health and well being of all people, homophobic organizations like have organized a campaign to encourage Governor Romney to veto these budget items. If you're a Massachusetts citizen and want our government to fund these causes, please contact the Governor and let him know you support these budget items.
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