Monday, September 19, 2005

Suicide Prevention Walk

I've made a rather late decision to participate in the upcoming Out Of Darkness community walk in Boston. The Out of Darkness walks support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

I'm involved with suicide prevention both through this walk and the See A New Sun organization because I lost my very close friend Bryan to suicide. Bryan had been best friends with my wife since High School and he and his wife became our closest couple friends. For many years we did everything together. Later, when their first child Ben was born we were chosen as his God parents.

I knew Bryan could be moody at times, but in general he was full of life and a bright light to be around. The day Bryan committed suicide, I was with him. We spent the day watching football as we often did. I noticed his mood was darker than normal and he was drinking more than usual but I brushed it off as him just having a bad day. I left their house in the early evening and we made plans to get together later in the week. It was four or five hours later that we received the call that he was dead.

I don't know if I had known more about the signs of suicide whether I could have saved Bryan. I don't know if Bryan had known more about depression and its treatments that he could have saved himself. What I do know is that suicide leaves a wake of devastated people in it's path and that by its very nature it can be prevented. That's enough for me to want to help.

If any of you would like to support me in this effort with a donation to the cause I would greatly appreciate it. The following link will take you to my online donation page.

Pete's Out Of Darkness Walk Donation Page

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