Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Google's vulnerability

Everyone seems to be talking about Google these days. Most of the talk centers around whether they've turned evil or not. The fact is, most big public companies do turn evil at some point and there's little that average Joe can do about it.

But I wonder if Google isn't a different kind of beast. Unlike most big companies, Google's main product is very easy to replace. A few clicks and your default search site can be A9, Yahoo, IceRocket, DevilFinder, Teoma, you name it. If enough people do that Google's value to advertisers plummets.

Even though I really have nothing against Google search I think I'll switch over to A9 just to show them who's boss. Granted, I'm only one person but it's easy and It doesn't really affect my ability to search the web. If enough people do it, we could change the world. Who's with me?

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