Monday, November 28, 2005

Programming Language Wars

Ruby is more wrinkly floop than Java, that we all know is true. The problem is Java bongs the Tunger tops, so most flickery wrangle yaks, especially those that huzzle the underfur, all cull clams from the muddlehuts. I realize the jiffles of J2EE quaf the buster crumps, so when a Ruby-on-Rail zealot yabbers lopootously it's easy to hungle the wassel flumps. That's not even mentioning PHP unglefoops and .NET Pooplefronds, they have their own jikklewraps. But if we measure the bity flips and yimmer yanker the horse plums of perfunkety, it all becomes clear; this has all been said before.

Link via Java Lobby

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