Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rand on Vegas

I've only been to Las Vegas once. It was Lotus Dev Con or some such event and I stayed at the Mirage Hotel. I gambled a little, ate at a couple nice restaurants with my co-workers (Commandeers Palace at the Aladdin stands out) but for the most part, I behaved and focused on the job at hand. I was pretty satisfied with my stay too. That was until recently when I read Rands Vegas System, a series of blog posts about how to enjoy Vegas. It appears I missed out on a lot.

Rand's travel guide to Vegas is a bit different from most. Instead of describing how a typical couple might enjoy the town on a budget, Rand describes, in great detail, how a group of fun seeking men, with cash to burn, might manage their stay in a place of such temptations. In short, it's a series of essays on drinking, gambling and strip clubs. If those topics don't offend you, they're a fun read.

After reading it I've come to one conclusion. I need a posse.

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