Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kubi in the news

While the Kubi development staff recently suffered a sad loss with the departure of Ned Batchelder, the company as a whole is starting to gain some traction and visibility in the CRM market place with our new product Kubi Enable. Here's a recent article from that highlights Kubi as one of the new kids to watch.

Kubi Software (Lincoln, Massachusetts). The basic premise of Kubi Software, and one that I agree with, is that while we would like all of the notes and communications associated with every sales opportunity to be kept in our CRM systems, the reality is they are not. Instead, they are far more often found in emails. For example, when a rep answers a prospect's question, negotiates with finance for a better price or strategizes with management on how to win the deal, he or she is more likely to store all that information in email, not the CRM system. Designed to be an extension of your existing CRM framework, Kubi organizes all those messages, priorities follow-ups and creates an audit trail of who said what to whom during the sell cycle.

FYI: With the departure of Ned there will be an opening in development for a top-notch senior engineer. I'll post a link to the job description when I have it.

(Updated: 12/14/05 at 1:00pm)
Here's the job posting

Senior or Principal Software Engineer – Boston

You will be part of a small team of very experienced engineers creating a new generation of sales effectiveness and business process automation software that uniquely bridges Email metaphors with structured business processes. The perfect candidate will be hard-working, self-driven and highly motivated and thrive in producing high quality, customer-focused software while continuously seeking to strike the right balance between agile software development methodologies and the time, quality and customer-driven pressures of a dynamic, rapid start-up company.

Qualifications required:

  • 8+ years of architecting, designing and developing commercially successful software products

  • Proven problem solving

  • Strong C/C++ programming skills and object oriented programming

  • Multi threaded programming/SMP

  • Strong relational database background (SQL Lite, Postgres)

  • .NET, COM, ATL, WIN32, SQL

  • Web Services, XML, SOAP, XSLT, CSS

  • Multi and cross-platform development skills in a client-server environment (Windows, Linux and Unix)

  • Excellent verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

    Qualifications desired:

  • C#

  • Java

  • Tools knowledge and languages such as Perl/Python/Ruby

  • Client, Server, Offline Networks, Replication, Collaboration

  • If you're interested contact me at plyons AT
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