Friday, October 30, 2009

Cortez the Killer

Cortez the Killer is one of the great guitar songs of all time. It's an epic ballad that at times is both very soft and very hard. It was written by Neil Young and originally recorded for his 1975 album Zuma. Subsequently it's been covered by a lot of bands. I was listening to a bunch of the different version on YouTube and decided I'd post a few them together. So here's some rocking Cortez to bring you into the weekend.

This is Neil playing it back in 1979 in his concert movie Live Rust

Next up is the unusual combination of Warren Haynes playing with the Dave Mathews band. Warren sounds very different from Neil but he really nails the solo.

This version features guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani as well as vocals by Grace Potter. It also includes some very cool trumpet by Willie Waldman.

And finally Neil again this time 30 years older but still rocking hard.

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