Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fighting the Good Fight

I'm not sure whether Glen Beck is evil or just a loon but in either case he is a bad man who spreads hate, fear and outright lies as he panders to the sad part of society that require simple answers to complex questions and that don't care if the answer is in fact the truth.

It's tempting to laugh Beck off as just another charlatan but it's dangerous to underestimate the power of a simple albeit wrong explanation.  The bad ideas are like a virus that infect the non-skeptical.   I see this all the time with the evolution 'debate';  with each retelling the lie gains 'homespun validity' that is hard to undo.  Soon even normally reasonable people start repeating the pernicious nonsense. 

That's why is so nice to find people like Chris Rodda in the world.  She debunks Glen Beck's faux history lessons in great detail.   She points out the complete fabrications.   She provides full text for the cherry picked/half quotes.  She provides the untold story that puts the word and phrase choices in their proper context.   The real story is unfortunately not nearly as interesting as the made up one but she labors on and tells is anyway.

I doubt anyone who actually believes Beck or his guest 'historians' will ever read her but it's nice to know there are people like her out there providing honest answers for the truth seekers.
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