Saturday, January 15, 2011

Diet week 2. Back in the 200s.

This week saw only 2 pounds come off the scale but that was enough to cross the line back from being a 300 pounder to 298.  Given the efforts of the week it was a bit disappointing only loosing 2lb but being back in the 200s is a nice feeling.  Most of my measurements didn't move much but my neck lost almost an inch if my skill with the tape measure can be trusted.

I've really settled into incorporating beans in my meals.  The key for me has been in making big batches of bean heavy preparations:  Turkey Chilli with tons and tons of beans, homemade spicy re-fried beans, Lentils in chicken stock.  I nice pile of spicy re-friend beans with an egg on top and some chopped tomato is a very delicious breakfast.

This week I also started working out with a 20lb kettlebell.   Most people recommend a heavier kettle for a guy my size but I wanted to take it slow.  I've been doing a Kettlebell two handed swing and various other presses and twists.   I've added this to a set of exercises with resistance bands and exercise ball  that I started last week.  All of this done from the comfort of my home office so there's no excuse not to do something.

Cheat day tomorrow.  No big food cravings but  I need to find a few good beers for the occasion.  Go Patriots.
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