Saturday, February 05, 2011

Diet week 5: A leap forward

My shed and Chiminea
Lost 4 pounds this week.  I'm down to 292 from 310 for a loss of 18lb in 5 weeks.  I really can't complain.

This week felt pretty routine.  I didn't cook as much as I had previous weeks and instead ended up relying on some of the bean dishes I froze over the past few weeks,   I am getting a little tired of Chili but my love for homemade re-fried beans remains strong.

A typical day of food would look something like this:

     1 egg fried or poached.
     1 big glop of spicy refried beans.

     Can of Sardines.
     Green salad (Lettuce, onion, tomato) with black beans and regular Italian dressing. 

     Mid afternoon snack.
     A small portion of some beany leftovers like my quadruple bean Chili.

     Pork chop and cabbage.  Cooked with apple cider vinegar and spicy Sriracha (aka Rooster) sauce.
     Pile of  beans.

Exercise this week has been a mix of home gym workouts and snow removal.  Lots and lots of snow removal.

Last Sunday I woke up craving a chocolate doughnut.  It will be funny to see what happens tomorrow.  I don't have a horse in the Superbowl but am going to route for Green Bay.  My beer selection for the game is TBD.
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