Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Just Watched: Black Swan

I've now seen every Aronofsky film with the exception of The Fountain.  I'm a big fan.  He makes challenging movies with intricate structure and fascinating character.  This is all true of Black Swan.  However,  it does not eclipse Requiem for a Dream as my favorite of his films.

I'm sure I would have liked Black Swan more if I'd seen it earlier in its release.  By the time I got around to watching it last night I'd seen and heard so much about it nothing was surprising. 

For all the psychological weirdness of the film I actually found the world of ballet weirder.   There's a scene in the movie where both Portman's and Kunis's characters are at a bar talking with a couple of guys and they reveal that they are ballet dancers and the men seem almost put off.  They realize they're not talking to normal people.  Ballerinas are different.  They're people's whose dedication to an art has made them anachronisms to much of society.

If you liked this film definitely see Requiem for a Dream.

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