Monday, March 29, 2004

10 tips for the organizational insurgent

These seem like some decent tips for a person struggling in a huge bureaucracy. I especially appreciated the Dilbert 'apathy cream' reference. From Dilbert April 1 2001.

Boss talking to Catbert

Boss: Would you like to join me for a hardening?

Catbert: What's that?

Boss: A hardening is when an employee is given more work than his central nervous system can handle. His whole body suddenly goes stiff.

Catbert: I'm in.

Boss: I've been ripening Asok all month.

Asok sitting in cube, Boss and Catbert arrive

Asok (thinking): So much work... No Time.

Boss: Asok, I have another assignment for you.

Asok (becoming hardened): GAAA!!!

Wally and Dilbert arrive at Asok's cube, Boss and Catbert are gone

Wally: I heard a hardening. Get the apathy cream.

Apathy cream has been applied over Asok's face

Wally: He'll be okay when the apathy sinks in.

Dilbert: We forgot the air hole.

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