Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Don't pet the tiger

Reading the Captive Feline Incidents reports at the Animal Protection Institute really makes me wonder about the sanity of some people. If for some reason you have a dangerous pet please follow these simple rules

1. Keep the animal in a good cage.

Dec 2000, Morgan County, MO

Simba, 80-100 lb African lion, escapes his enclosure. He kills family dog and 6 puppies and then traps small child in room. Boy is rescued through window. Possessor is charged with child endangerment

2. Don't let children near it

June 6 1999, Yorktown, TX

Male tiger (1 of 2 owned by her stepfather) jumps on 10-year-old girl and drags her through cage. She dies of head and neck injuries. (Associated Press)

3. Don't drive with the animal in your car

Jan 31 2004 Fort Wayne, IN

While driving his 4-year-old 140-pound lion home from veterinarian appointment, man crashes his car into ditch. Lion is not secured in cage within car, so escapes from car and is found 4 hours later hiding in bushes. Animal Control attempts to dart animal to no avail; as lion runs he is shot and killed.

I know how distracting it is to have my 79 pound Rottweiler/Lab mix lapping my ear when I drive. If it was a lion instead I would be afraid I was being tasted instead of kissed. Unless you're Daktari I don't think this is a good idea.

Note to work associates: The Westford 'cougar' sightings made the list too.

June 11 2003 Westford, MA

Big cat, likely cougar, is spotted roaming neighborhood. No one reports missing exotic cat to authorities, but it is illegal to possess "big cat" in Massachusetts. (www.capitalnews9.com)

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