Friday, May 21, 2004

Meet Jack McGee

I've known his face for years from all his commercial appearances and bit parts in movies, but I was never able to connect his face to a name. Until today, when I watched the Ridley Scott movies Someone To Watch Over Me. The actor turns out to be Jack McGee, an ex fire fighter from NY. In this movie (one of his earliest) he has a bit part as a bartender at a party. In movies he plays a lot of cops, bartenders and laborers.

In commericals he usually plays a working class guy too. I cannot recall all the commercials he has been in but they are many. Most recently he has gained notice in the Boston area for playing in a Dunkin Donut commercial featuring Kurt Shilling. Kurt's trying to learn to speak like a bostonian - Pahk ya Cahr, Throw Wicked Hahd - and Jack plays a locker room towel guy who tries to set him straight. But he's been in a lot more. Look for him, he is everywhere, and now you know his name.

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