Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The future of PE and other hobby projects

I believe my time of working on PE is nearing its end. When I set out to write PE I had in mind a replacement for my beloved Brief. It now serves that purpose for me admirably. The only feature from Brief that I miss and haven’t reproduced is block column selection. While that would be cool to have, I can live without it. There are plenty of other Brief features that I didn’t copy; I just don’t care about them. I will continue to fix bugs and tweak PE over time as it moves to version 1.0 but I now longer envision any significant feature work.

Going forward I would like to finish the Java scripting library I started a while back. I will probably roll the verbose regular expression parser I talked about recently into it. I think both are cool little ideas and worthy of some level of completion. I don’t envision either of those tasks being significant.

Once those are completed, that leaves me without a hobby project to hack away at. I’ve thought about trying to get into doing some open source work but my free time is very scattered. I think most active open source projects move too fast for someone with my limited availability.

I will need to ponder this and come up with something new and fun to work on while I complete the scripting library.

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