Wednesday, October 27, 2004

iPod revisited

I love my iPod. It's been a few weeks since I received my 20gig iPod for my Birthday and I now don't know how I lived without it. At the time I quipped that it would take me years to fill up the 20 gigs. I must humbly retract that remark. As I gathered my cds to rip, I kept finding more and more places in the house with stacks of cds. All these 'lost classics' quickly consumed those remaining gigs. I could keep going too. I still have a pretty big pile of not so great unripped cds and then there's my wife's rather large cd collection too. The new 60gig color iPod doesn't seem as crazy to me as it would have last month.

As for why I love the iPod, there are a few reasons. First off, my cd collection had become very scattered, at work I had instrumental and jam band cds (all ripped onto the work machines), at home by the stereo I had jazz and easy listening dinner music, in my car I had a lot of hard rock, and up on my home computer I had a small collection of random newish cds I had ripped soon after purchasing them. If I ever had a notion to listen to something not in character of the place I was, tough luck. The iPods changed that. I can now listen to all my music at any time.

The second reason I love my iPod is that it's reintroduced me to a whole ton of music that had fallen between the cracks of my life. I had a whole pile of old blues cds just were gathering dust, I also had a bunch of 80s and early 90s stuff that I just never bothered to play anymore (X, Pixies, Sugercubes, etc...) Now that all this stuff is ripped and on the iPod the shuffle play option picks this stuff up and mixes it in with all the rest of my music.

As for the other reasons I love the iPod, I now can listen to music in bed while Jayne is either watching TV or sleeping. I can fit a ton more music in my car (I have one of those FM broadcast dodads), I can listen to music while walking, jogging or mowing the lawn. All in all, it's opened up a bunch of new vistas in my enjoyment of music. Did I mention I love my iPod.

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