Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Lotusphere Nostalgia

I've been reading Richard Schwartz's reporting from Lotusphere and it's making me a bit sorry I'm not there. Only a bit though. Between sore feet, pre-presentation nerves and the hangovers from late night at Jellyrolls, I'm happy I'm just sitting here in quiet and snowy N.E. What I do miss is the one on one contact with the users. It's fun helping people in the lab and seeing their excitement for the code you've written.

In the spirit of Lotusphere I've spent the past few nights writing a post on a technique I use to script WebSphere and the Workplace server with Java instead of wsadmin or lmadmin. I know it's departure for this non IBM related blog but Lotusphere put me in the mood. The post still needs a little work but it should be done later today or tomorrow.

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