Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sony PSP Browser

Observant readers will notice a few small style sheet changes to the site. I made the changes because I recently upgraded my PSP to get the new web browser software and this site looked crappy on its smallish screen.

I've only been playing with the PSP's browser for a few hours but already I've developed mixed emotions about it. On the good side, the screen looks nice and most pages work well. I've experience some out-of-memory problems on complex pages but not many. The wireless connectivity was seamless as well; it detected and worked with my home wireless network flawlessly. My biggest nit is with the virtual keyboard. It's really tough to hunt and peck names, passwords and other text with it. I understand the form factor and main function of the unit precludes a real keyboard but the virtual one on the PSP doesn't work as well as the one on my phone. For example, if your want to type two characters in a row, that are on the same key you can't just type one character and then wait for a second for the cursor to move, instead you have to manually move the cursor.

Playing with the PSP has taught me that I love the idea of a small form factor browser that I could keep on the coffee table to do quick lookups and web searches. Currently the PSP doesn't quite fill the bill but it's pretty close. I'd definitely spend a couple hundred dollars on a small wireless unit with a small keyboard and crisp screen.

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