Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Responding to Ed Brill's Blog

For some reason Ed Brill's blog is refusing my response to a post. Comments on the post in question referenced a previous post of mine. Rather than waste my words I've decided to post them here. Here's what I tried to say.

Everything is Relative

Regarding @18 Bob. (following the referrer links)

For what it's worth, I worked at IBM from the time Iris was absorbed until April 2005. Over that time I've known 4 people who left IBM to go work for MS. I've spoken directly to 3 of those 4 people and in each case they preferred the MS culture to that of IBM. In each case they found it less stifling and more productive (albeit not perfect). The fourth person who I've not yet spoke to about this is @18 Bob. I don't know if Bob's been at MS long enough to have an opinion on the topic but given we had many conversation about the mess in Westford, I'm pretty confident what his opinion will be.

That said, I don't doubt that some MS developers are upset. I'm sure old MS hands miss the good old days. Compared to what they had previously it's probably very hierarchical and bureaucratic, but that doesn't mean it worse than IBM.

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