Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

That One Hurt

I could taste the win all week.   Brady was his old self, the young and hungry defense was making the big plays,  Sanchez and gang were a bunch of blowhards who were about to be dealt a well earned thumping.  It wasn't to be.

While this loss lacks both the historic and karmic impact of Super Bowl XLII its sting is similar - the team failed to give the fans their due.  The good news is this is only week 2.  The rematch at Gillette should be a doozy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Patriots Fans

Brady was right.  It sucks that fans left early from Sundays game. There are good reasons to leave early however.  I've left early when it's freezing rain and the Patriots are in the shit hole.  I've left early when we had a limo and wanted to hit some strip clubs before going home.  I've left early when construction on 495 ensured a 3 hour ride home unless we beat the traffic.  But I've never left early on a sunny 1pm game that also happened to be the first game of the season.   Sure, there are better fans that I who tough it out no matter what the conditions but I feel no shame in claiming fan-hood superiority to anyone who cuts out on a sunny day in September - no matter how much the beer in the stadium costs or how good you're wife's potato salad that is chilling in the cooler in your trunk.  

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apple Ping

I've been playing with Apples' new social networking site Ping since its release.  I'm really confused by its complete and utter lack of capabilities.  Why bother releasing or even announcing something that is this pitiful?   You would think at least it would have some hooks so people could see what music I had and what I was listening to in iTunes.  Last.FM does a much better job of these basics.

Perhaps they will roll out new features but they better start soon or I many never check back.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wallace Stevens' The Dwarf

I was flipping through a collected work of Wallace Stevens' this morning and I found this poem on a dog eared page.  It echoed the transitional time of year we're in so I thought I'd share and besides it has a some really great lines.

The Dwarf
Now it is September and the web is woven.
The web is woven and you have to wear it.
The winter is made and you have to bear it,
The winter web, the winter woven, wind and wind.
For all the thoughts of summer that go with it
In the mind, pupa of straw, moppet of rags.
It is the mind that is woven, the mind that was jerked
And tufted in straggling thunder and shattered sun.
It is all that you are, the final dwarf of you,
That is woven and woven and waiting to be worn,
Neither as mask nor as garment but as a being,
Torn from insipid summer, for the mirror of cold,
Sitting beside your lamp, there citron to nibble
And coffee dribble . . . Frost is in the stubble.
                                            Wallace Stevens

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lynch's Dune a Fiasco? I Think Not.

A.V. Club writer Nathan Rabin,  in his column My Year of Flops,  has skewered David Lynch's Dune movie as "comically convoluted" and "exhausting from the get-go".  Going further, using the columns motif of labeling flops either: Failure, Fiasco, or Secret Success he chooses the most damning tag 'Fiasco' for the film.   I'll be the first to admit the film is flawed but how anyone could label such a visual feast a Fiasco is beyond me.

Furthermore, complaining that a Lynch movie is 'exhausting' or 'convoluted' is like complaining a Hitchcock movie is 'tense', a Jarmusch film is 'quiet' or A Scorsese picture is  'violent'.   Those descriptions embody the aesthetic choices of the directors.  Has Rabin seen Mullholland Drive?  Talk about exhausting and convoluted.

As a kid when I first saw the movie I admit I was very disappointed.  Its departure from the novel annoyed me to no end. I still don't understand the 'weirding modules/wielding modules/whatever they're called' but I now just sort of ignore them and enjoy the spectacle.

Over the years I've watched the film numerous times and the visual elements and the alien cultural and political intrigue keep drawing me back in.  Some credit certainly goes to Herbert for creating an interesting world but Lynch and his team did an amazing job bring his world to life.  The technical achievement alone is worthy of respect.  Even compared to the Star Wars Prequels with use of modern CGI techniques, Dune looks good.

Also, It's not a crime for a film to be cryptic and confusing.  I mentioned Mullholland Drive earlier, it is my favorite Lynch film and it is totally impenetrable on first viewing.  Dune is like that.  It's a film that takes effort.   Some of the greatest Sci-Fi films: 2001, Solaris (Russian) have been the same way.  Dune may not be in their league but it's close.

A fiasco?  No way.


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