Thursday, September 16, 2010

Patriots Fans

Brady was right.  It sucks that fans left early from Sundays game. There are good reasons to leave early however.  I've left early when it's freezing rain and the Patriots are in the shit hole.  I've left early when we had a limo and wanted to hit some strip clubs before going home.  I've left early when construction on 495 ensured a 3 hour ride home unless we beat the traffic.  But I've never left early on a sunny 1pm game that also happened to be the first game of the season.   Sure, there are better fans that I who tough it out no matter what the conditions but I feel no shame in claiming fan-hood superiority to anyone who cuts out on a sunny day in September - no matter how much the beer in the stadium costs or how good you're wife's potato salad that is chilling in the cooler in your trunk.  
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