Saturday, November 20, 2010


I received a Nook for my birthday.  It's my first e-book reader so I can't really compare it to others like the Kindle but I can say I really enjoy reading on it.  I read a lot in bed with a head lamp and because the all pages show in the same area there's none of the hand-shifting needed as with a physical book in order to get the page in the light.

One unexpected side effect of the device is that it's easier for me to stop reading books I'm not enjoying.  There is no nag factor of the unfinished tome calling out to you from the book shelf.  The unfinished now sit silent and hidden in the digital library.

On the down side it's harder to move around in the text and go back and review parts unless you've had the foresight to place a digital bookmark.

In general it's a nice reading option but one that time will certainly improve.
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