Friday, May 13, 2011

Just Watched: Pot Zombies

I found this film under free movies on my Comcast On-Demand service last night.  You don't watch a movie called Pot Zombies expecting much.  I knew it was low-budget, I knew it was probably stupid but I held out hope it had a funny stoner charm.  It didn't.

To say this movie is low budget is a understatement.  It's a no-budget film.  It reminds me of the films I made with my Boy Scout buddies in Junior High - though I think we had better acting and a better story arc.   

To be fair, I watched this movie with only the help of a couple of beers.  In a room with a bunch of people passing a water-pipe it could be hilarious, though I doubt it.

I give the guys who made this movie credit.  They made a movie for cable and I haven't.  The 'actors' look like they had a lot of fun working on the project.   It would be cool to say I was in a cheapo horror movie.   I know I would have participated and enjoyed the process if I'd had the chance.

But none of that means the movie would be good and this one isn't.  It's so stupid it's stupid.   

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