Monday, June 27, 2011

Just watched: Falling Skies

Supposedly 'Falling Skies' is a new sci-fi series on TNT.  I say supposedly because I just watched it for 45 minutes and I saw nothing new at all.  It was one cliche leaped upon another with a dollop of trite military nostalgia added in for flavor.  Not a sprig of a fresh idea was to be found.  Barf.

The whole post-apocalypse suburb genre is tired - I'm looking at you Walking Dead.  Using empty suburban sets has become the modern TV equivalent of the substituting the California desert for an alien planet.  Both scream budget constraint.

And this being a Spielberg production it's all about the kids.  We gotta save the kids.  This is the sort of show that will add a cute robot in the second season - Biddi, biddi biddi.  No, wait that was another sci-fi hack job.  Forgive me, there's been so many they all run together.

I admit a few minutes of satisfaction as the various troops of surviving humans marched out to raid the same grocery stores in central MA that I shop at but I found the usage of the Civil War era naming conventions forced:  "The 4th Massachusetts is at your command, Sir!"  Really, you're all in Massachusetts.  Perhaps they can get Jeff Daniels to do an episode where he leads the 20th Maine down to support their flank on a hill they'll call Little Round Top. 

It's not like I have a lot of good shows competing for my time either.  The bar really isn't set very high.    I actually watched every episode of Stargate Universe and the whole first season of Warehouse 13.  No one thinks these were good shows but they at least had some novelty to their premises.  Even the ridiculous V gave me a few episodes of enjoyment before the suckage took over.

The same can't be said for Falling Skies.   I couldn't even finish the pilot before I removed the recording from the DVR schedule.  According to some news I read TNT is so high on the series they've already committed to a second season.  As my buddy Kudla says: I just don't get it.
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