Friday, October 07, 2011

Night Reader

It's been a year since I got a Nook for my last birthday.  Since then I've become a complete digital book convert.  I love reading e-books.  My pile of unread paper books is growing dusty and I'm almost ready to just throw them out and buy their digital versions.  I like reading digital that much.

That said, It's been a while since I actually touched my Nook.  I think it was July at the beach, if you must know.  Now, it turns out, I actually prefer reading on my iPhone 4.  Here's a little list of reasons I like my iPhone 4 better.

1. Night reading.  I love to read when I cannot sleep. I think I purposely wake up in the middle of the night just so I can read a little.  The iPhone is just perfect for that.  I can use it one handed.  The back-lit display bright enough for comfortable reading but not so bright that it wakes up Jayne.

2.  I always have it on me.   Any time or place I have a few minutes of down-time I can pull out my phone and read a little.   Sure, it's a bit small, but when I dial down that font to the smallest possible size the Retina display still shows a lot of clear text.  (Don't hate me just because I have good eyesight.)

3. It's fast. Page turns are quicker than my Nook.

4. Touch screen.  When I want to look up a word or mark a page it's much easier.

The Nook is great for the beach however or if I have a nice light source and I know I'm going to reading for a while and I want to avoid the eyestrain.  So I have no plans to get rid of it but I surprised myself when I realized just how much I enjoyed reading on my iPhone. 

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