Monday, January 07, 2013

New Music Files #2

I can distinctly recall walking into the old Newbury Comics in Burlington, back in the 1992,  to buy some new CDs and hearing the Pixies for the first time.  I was really into the Grateful Dead at that time so the Pixies sounds wasn't in my sweet spot but the store was playing Surfa Rosa/Come on Pilgram and it was so full of new energy and sounds that I bought a copy then and there.

I had the same experience in reverse yesterday, though sadly not in a cool record store.  I discovered the Vermont duo MV & EE.  I got the lead from a music blogger Aquarium Drunkard (great name by the way) via the HypeMachine plugin for Spotify.  If you've not used HypeMachine you should give it a shot.  They supply curated playlists created by various music geeks.  It's well worth checking out.

The MV & EE bio on Spotify describes them as a "Vermont-based neo-psychedelic lo-fi experimental rock collective".  That doesn't exactly describe my current musical sweet spot but as soon as I heard them I became a fan.  I've not heard anything quite like them before.   It's raw and lives on a the edge of musicality, probably too closely for a lot of people, but I found it really invigorating.  If you like hearing new things give them a listen.

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