About Me

My name is Pete Lyons and welcome to my blog. I've had this blog since April 2003 and it's served various purposes over it's lifespan but now it's mainly a spot where I put things too arcane or verbose for a Facebook post. As the topic cloud on the right will show you, I post about many different things but beer, movies and music often top the list.

I'm a life long resident of Massachusetts. I've been married since 1996 to my awesome wife Jayne. I work in the software industry as a Software Engineer and you've probably used software I've written. For fun, I love traveling around and trying new beers. I'm a big fan of existentialist movies and guitar driven music. At times I've been both a Deadhead and a Parrothead but neither are a big part of my musical life anymore. I play the guitar, though I'm still just a beginner. I also enjoying hiking, cooking and reading.

I hope that answers your question. Have a great day!
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