Friday, January 09, 2004

Thoughts on JSR 235 - Service Data Objects

In some ways JSR 235 makes me cringe. Its a complex general solution to something that all of us doing server side Java generate simple custom solutions for on a regular basis. The part of me that cringes is the part that just wants to write the simple code and be done with it and not bother having to learn some new over-designed technology.

When I let the knee jerks settle down I do see the wisdom in it. In fact this is addressing something that's been bothering me for a long time. The fact that there was no real 'Java Bean' technology for the server side developer. EJB's are only Beans in name. They don't really resemble the introspectable container objects that are regular Java Bean.

So this brings me the final thing I wanted to say. What's with the name - Service Data Objects. In the second paragraph of the JSR it states

This pattern, called "Data Transfer Object" [1] [5] [7] and "Transfer Object" [2] [3], will be called Service Data Objects (SDOs) here.
Why? They've identified a pattern that this fits and yet they totally ignore it and invent a new name that has nothing to do with it. My second objection of the name is the use of Object. As I mentioned above I believe this a close approximation of a Java Bean so I think it should be called something like Data Transfer Bean or DTB

I realize this probably wont happen. The companies that make up the JCP have too much invested in EJBs to muddy the water with another Bean name. I think It's a shame.

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