Sunday, February 22, 2004

Changing from Safari to Firefox on OS X

I purchased my wife an iBook this fall for reading email and general web surfing. Being a long time PC dude I also had the ulterior motive of wanting to play with a Mac. I haven't explored as much as I would like but I do get to play with the machine for a while on weekends. Mostly I've been using it to blog, just like now.

Up until today my browser of choice has been Safari. I tried Firebird 0.7 but it had stability issues and since I try not to use Explorer on the PC I'm sure as heck not going to use it on a Mac. I've been happy with Safari for the most part. One thing that's annoyed my about it however has been that the full Blogger web app doesn't work. You need to use the limited UI from Safari. As I mentioned earlier I use the Mac for blogging and this was a major annoyance. I finally installed FireFox (0.8) today and was pleasantly surprised that it was both stable and ran the full Blogger UI.

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