Friday, February 06, 2004

From apun to miulik

It's an urban legend that the Inuits have over 400 words for snow. They do have quite a few; though not really any more (and maybe less) than an English speaking skier or boarder. Today as I'm sitting at my desk watching the world outside my window I've already seen quite a variety. This made me think about our snow dwelling northern brothers so I did a little googling. Here's a list of some 'Eskimo' words for snow I found at



apingautfirst snowfall
aputspread-out snow
anigruakfrost on a living surface
ayaksnow on clothes
nutagakpowder snow
aniupacked snow
kimaugruksnowdrift that blocks something
perksertokdrifting snow
akelroraknewly drifting snow
mavsasnowdrift overhead and about to fall
kaiyuglakrippled surface of snow
pukaksugar snow
pokaktoksalt-like snow
massaksnow mixed with water
auksalakmelting snow
aniuksnow for melting into water
akillukkaksoft snow
milikvery soft snow
mitailaksoft snow covering an opening in an ice floe
sillikhard, crusty snow
kiksrukakglazed snow in a thaw
mauyasnow that can be broken through
katiksuniklight snow
katiksugniklight snow deep enough for walking
apuuaksnow patch
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