Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Pat Helland on HST

A lot of bloggers are talking about the The ServerSide.NET interview with Pat Helland. Mostly for his usage of the acronym HST.
There is a subtle difference between the two of them [EAI (Enterprise Integration Architectures), B2B], in that EAI, you need to have federated infrastructure across your enterprise. You need to have solutions that are thinking about identity management, security management, just management, to distributed directory and naming, all of those problems that it takes to run your application, run you enterprise, your IT ship. And so, it's EAI, B2B, they're very, very important, but when I think about services, I fundamentally prefer to call it HST, or Hooking Shit Together

While 'Hooking Shit Together' is refreshingly candid and personable coming from a high level technologist, it's not the most interesting thing in the article. During the interview he talks about the demise of distributed object system and how to integrate legacy systems into service level architectures. All good stuff. The context of the interview is .NET but his ideas apply equally well to the Domino/Workplace and J2EE world.

It's a good interview, if you have some time give it a watch.

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