Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Taxidermy Supply Company

The Van Dyke's supply company looks like it has just about everything for your taxidermy needs. If you need a nose, some eyes or some
reproduction elephant tusks this is the place for you.

I recognize the artistic talent required to do good taxidermy and appreciate the carrying on of an old craft but for your average non-hunter just stumbling on this site it's quite surrealistic. Take the Noonkester Boar Jaw Set for example:

Mike Noonkester is in the heart of hog country, and no one knows hogs better than Mike. The detail, quality, and exactitude of the boar jawsets is unmatched. Tusks are included with every premium boar jawset

I'm sure Mr. Noonkester is a real expert on hog mouths and his product adds a beautiful touch to a stuffed hogs head. I'm just struggling trying to imagine how someone gets into this business. It seems like a tough way to make a living.
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