Friday, May 14, 2004

Back on-line

Actually I've been back for a while, I just haven't been posting. My heads been someplace else - someplace warm and sunny, where they serve cold frosty drinks and the fishing is great, infact.

This was my biennial fishing trip with my buddies. Three days of fishing out of Islamorada, with a couple of days of horsing around the Keys. It's a fun trip, but my liver always needs a break after it.

Of the three days fishing two were spent in small boats out in Florida Bay back country. This is gorgeous water, very shallow, with lots of mangrove islands and birds. The above picture is me hooked into either a nice sized Lemon shark or big ray. Both were a lot of fun to catch. If you ever want to go fishing down in this area (and if you like to fish I highly recommend it), do yourself a favor and use the same guide we did, Matt Bellinger from Bamboo charters. Not only is Matt awesome at putting you on to the fish, he is a funny, funny bastard. I've fished with Matt three times now and it's always a hoot.

While on the trip we stayed at the Holiday Isle Resort on Islamorada. It's a fun place, especially for young folks or a group of men. I know my wife wouldn't like it, it's a bit beat up, but for a group of guys wanting to fish and have a few drinks without hopping in the car, it was perfect.

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