Friday, May 28, 2004

Whale Predation

Here's an interesting article about the predation of Grey Whales by Orca in Monterey Bay.

As whale watchers looked on with a mixture of awe and sadness, mother killer whales -- the most experienced hunters -- took turns ramming head- first, like 6-ton torpedoes, into the calf's soft underbelly, their force nearly knocking it out of the water, while others leapt atop the 20-foot baby, trying to drown it.

"It's the greatest predation event on Earth,'' said Richard Ternullo, a killer whale researcher and co-owner of Monterey Bay Whale Watch, who witnessed the battle during one of the company's daily whale watching tours. "It's 100 tons of whales crashing together.''

via wetasschronicles (If you participate in water related sports you often have to suffer with a wet ass)

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