Friday, September 17, 2004

Parody out of Control

I just stumbled across the political parody site: Rowboat Veterans for Truth.. It's not especially clever. I'm blogging about it because the real Rowboat Veterans where actually from my home town of Marblehead MA.

The men who rowed Washington across the Delaware and also away from Long Island were Marblehead fishermen from then Col. John Glover's Massachusetts Regiment. Glover later became a General. Just as important but less well known Glover assembled the first ships for a deep water force for use by Gen Washington from Marblehead and surrounding towns. Although not nationaly recognized Marbleheaders still claim their home is the birthplace of the US Navy.

If you ever visit Marblehead, visit Abbot Hall in the old section of town. Hanging in the hall is the original Spirit of 76 by Archibald Willard. It's a very impressive both in historical significance and scale - it's pretty darn big.

Finally, while looking for some historical information about Glover and the Marblehead fishermen I found an online copy of The History and Traditions of Marblehead by Samuel Roads Jr. – 1880. I doubt I'll ever read it but it's an interesting piece of history.

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