Saturday, September 04, 2004

Very Busy

Between work and vacation days I've not had much time to blog lately. Hopefully I will have more time soon. Meanwhile, here are a couple of short items to fill the void.

1. The blogger Troutgirl was terminated from Friendster for blogging. While the posts that caused her termination do mention work and the technology they employ, they hardly seem cause for termination. I've always been fairly cautious in this vein; I guess it's the smart thing to do.

2. While reading about the horrible terrorist attack in Russia I came across the word denouement.

With hospitals overflowing and many bewildered relatives still seeking news of missing loved ones after Friday's bloody denouement, President Vladimir Putin ordered a security crackdown in the Caucasus.

It's not very often that a word in a news article stumps me, but this one did. According to Hyperdictionary denouement means:

    1. [n] the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work

    2. [n] the outcome of a complex sequence of events

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