Thursday, October 07, 2004


Bob Congdon's recent post about the Invaders reminded me of one of my favorite TV shows of the 70s, UFO. I found this great fan site on the show with a series guide and tons of pictures and movie clips.

One of the best clips is of the show's opening sequence and highlights all the cool spaceships and advanced computer technology they employed. The show was made in 1970 but the action takes place in the then futuristic 1980s so we get to see some cool teletypes and lots of tape drives and blinking lights.

The show was produced by Gerry Anderson who also produced the Thunderbirds.
I don't think the show really hung together too well as a complete series but the spaceships and mysterious aliens kept my interest. I've always been curious however as to why all the women on the moon had purple hair - SHADO regulation I guess.

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