Sunday, November 14, 2004

Coffee and Cigarettes

I finally got a chance to see Jim Jarmusch's latest film Coffee and Cigarettes. It's a great film. As the title suggests, the movie contains a lot of coffee drinking and cigarette smoking, but it's really a film about communication and conversation. The film is a set of vignettes of people talking. Sometimes the people are friends, some are family, others are professional contemporaries. This films captures these people in a quite moment between the rest of their lives as they attempt to communicate and or not communicate with each other.

Most of the vignettes are quite funny, some are touching, but not all are uniformly great. I was disappointed with Bill Murrey's appearance. I don't think his performance fit the film. If he had toned it down some and showed us some of the same understated emotion he displayed in Lost in Translation, his scene would have been a lot better.

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