Saturday, November 06, 2004

Me and version control

Ned Batchelder's recent posts on Darcs and SCM Systems got me thinking about my own side project code management. So far I've just been zipping my files at intervals and emailing them to myself and or importing them into my personal Notes Journal. It works as a safety net, but it's not as easy as it could be and therefore not as granular as is should be.

At various times I've setup my own CVS or Subversion server to play with but I've never made them part of my routine. After reading Ned's post of Darcs I gave that a try and it's very simple to use but I don't like the idea of the repository being on the development machine and I'm not sure how I could take advantage of the peer-to-peer capabilities given the number of firewalls between the systems I'm likely to be doing development on.

The solution that seems most appealing to me (at this point in time anyway) is something like a CVS or Subversion account on This would give me the security of having the source be off site, and at the same time being ubiquitously accessible via the internet.

Cvsdude offers a free account that give you 2megs of space and access for one developer. If you need extra space or want to have multiple developer accounts the upgrade price for 20Megs and 3 users is only $57.00 for a full year or $15.00 a quarter. I think I'll give them a try. My biggest decision left is whether to go with the more familier CVS or the more modern Subversion.

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